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Dr. Jeong has provided life-changing chiropractic care for myself and many others throughout his 20 years of practice! He saved my collegiate athletic career, and more importantly saved me from a life of pain from potentially numerous surgeries due to a herniated disc in my lower back. I came to him as a last resort before surgery; but from personal experience and the knowledge I have gained while under his wing it is hard to imagine why he is not the first option for cases such as mine. Jeong Wellness Chiropractic and Dr. Jeong have been a blessing to my life that I never imagined possible.

The best chiropractor in the WORLD by far! Just finished my six treatments and what can I say, I feel like a new person. If you are thinking about getting treated go ahead and make the appointments you won't regret it. Hands down the best service I've gotten from any business in my life: you've got the best chiropractor in the world and his extremely kind and sweet wife to greet you and converse with for every appointment. I would recommend Dr. Jeong 10 out of 10 it just doesn't get better than this! Harrison Pond

Dr. Jeong is a true professional. I’ve never had that thorough of a medical history done by a chiropractor. Other than some soreness that has since gone away, my back hasn’t felt this good in a few years and that’s after just 1 adjustment. I hope I can get back to Houston to see him again. He’s the real deal folks. My only regret is not asking for a video.

Dr. Jeong has helped me improve my quality of life. I go about once a month to stay “tuned up”. If you have a spine, you could use a Ring Dinger!​

My son received life changing chiropractor care by Dr. Jeong. We spent a year trying to find relief for my son's sciatica pain. We went to multiple chiropractors, PCP and months of physical therapy.  He did the most thorough exam and reviewed diagnostic imaging. Within the first visit my son got relief. A year of pain and one visit brought him relief! We are thankful Dr. Jeong continues to share his gifting.​

Dr. Jeong understand bio-mechanics better than any doctor I've ever come across. The manipulations are expertly applied and well explained. No pressure to make follow-up appointments,, and the rest of the team is equally as helpful.

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