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Service Description

Car accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. In Maryland, a motor vehicle crash occurs every eight minutes, and speeding is one of the leading causes. Physical injury is inevitable in these situations. Besides immediate medical treatment, people who suffer injuries from auto accidents may also need follow-up therapy. Peterson Chiropractic’s non-surgical and non-pharmacological treatments can be just as helpful, if not more so, than expensive conventional medical treatments. If you’re looking for an auto injury chiropractor in Ellicott City, come to Jeong Wellness Chiropractic and get the physical rehabilitation you need. A fender bender can cause minor injuries to a driver and passengers. But the more forceful the collision, the more severe and extensive the injuries will be. Other factors such as not wearing a seat belt and late airbag deployment can also contribute to the severity of the injuries. Not all car accident injuries are visible; signs of internal injury can materialize days or weeks after the accident. If you or someone you know walked away from a car crash unscathed, watch out for these symptoms: Persistent neck and back pain Numbness or pain in the limbs Headaches Nausea Blurred vision Loss of balance Difficulty walking As soon as these symptoms appear, talk to our car accident chiropractors right away. We can offer appropriate chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries in Ellicott City, MD

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  • 3459 St Johns Ln, Ellicott City, MD 21042, USA

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