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  • Jeong Wellness Chiropractic

Service Description

Your neck is a more delicate structure than you might realize. This area of the body not only uses multiple muscle groups to support and mobilize the weight of your head; it also houses the cervical spinal column, a combination of bones, joints, and discs that encircles the upper spinal cord. It doesn’t take much to upset this delicate balance, and when that happens, expect neck pain. Just getting older can cause changes in your neck anatomy that make you vulnerable to neck pain. For instance, flattened, bulging discs can strain the intervertebral joints, prompting degenerative changes such as arthritis. They can also press painfully against cervical nerve roots. Bony overgrowth near the spinal canal can cause spinal stenosis, a painful kind of nerve impingement. Chronic spinal alignment problems can subject the neck muscles to abnormal strain. You may even suffer “text neck,” a postural strain caused by too much time staring down at your cell phone. Some causes of neck pain are far more sudden and dramatic. Most notably, auto, sports, and workplace incidents can all cause a type of injury called whiplash. As your head goes flying back and forth from an impact, the vertebrae lose their alignment, discs herniate, and muscles tear, leaving you with severe neck pain and other symptoms While some severe cases of neck pain may require surgical interventions such as discectomy and fusion, you can most likely get the relief you need through entirely non-invasive treatments. Jeong Wellness Chiropractic can make a detailed assessment of your cervical spinal alignment, comparing any deviations from the norm against your current symptoms and medical history. We can then recommend a personalized combination of: -Chiropractic adjustments to bring your vertebrae, vertebral joints, and discs back into line with each other -Physiotherapy services, from heat/cold treatment to cold laser and muscle stimulation therapy, to relieve tissue pain and aid in injury recovery -Corrective exercises to increase strength and flexibility in your neck -Lifestyle and postural changes to help you avoid chronic neck strain

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  • 3459 St Johns Ln, Ellicott City, MD 21042, USA

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